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François Poirotte, 09/29/2017 08:53 AM

Vigilo OSS Virtual Appliance (VA) Installation

General Information

Vigilo is now available as a virtual appliance for those who want to quickly test it without having to deal with the whole installation process.

The virtual appliance contains:
  • Vigilo (OSS / Community Edition)
  • An inventory/ticket management solution (based on GLPI)
  • A knowledge base (based on Dokuwiki)

Miscelleanous information about the VA:

Operating system CentOS 7.4 for 64-bit processors
Language & keyboard layout English (United States)
Image format OVF 1.0
Tested against VirtualBox, VMware Player

Default passwords:

Entry point Login/password
Remote administration (SSH) vigilo/vigilo
Vigilo's web interfaces admin/vigilo
GLPI's web interface glpi/glpi

The vigilo user account can run privileged commands with sudo.

Getting started

Downloading the VA

The virtual appliance can from be retrieved from this address.

As the VA uses the OVF format, you must download both the appliance's disk image and its description file.
Download both files into a directory then load the description file (the one with the OVF extension) into your virtual machine manager.

Depending on your installation, you may need to change the configuration of the network device from NAT to bridged to retrieve an IP address.

Once the VA is fully booted, you can access Vigilo by directing your Web browser at:

http://<VA IP address>/

You can also connect to the VA using the SSH protocol for remote management, using vigilo/vigilo as the connection's login/password.
A command-line utility is available for administrative tasks using the command vigilo-menu.

Using the VA


Getting help

You can ask for help on our community forums