• Vigilo

    The OSS edition of Vigilo NMS is now available as a virtual appliance for easy deployment. Try it now!

    Large-scale open-source monitoring.

    Simple and open-source, Vigilo is very modular by design and highly customisable. It fits perfectly into your IT infrastructure and can easily be used with your existing tools....

    • Collector

      SNMP collector plugin

      This module provides a high-performance SNMP collector plugin for Nagios-compatible monitoring engines.
      It aggregates SNMP queries together to minimise bandwidth and CPU usage.

    • Common

      Common module for Vigilo

      Provides basic functions and classes shared across all Vigilo modules.

    • Connector

      Vigilo's connector library

      This module contains the basic classes needed to create a new Vigilo connector.

    • Connector Metro

      Metrology connector

      This module provides a connector that receives messages about performance data from Vigilo's messaging bus and stores it into Round-Robin Databases (RRD files).

    • Connector Nagios

      Nagios connector

      This module acts like a bridge between the Nagios monitoring engine and Vigilo's messaging bus, passing messages back- and forth between the two.

    • GLPI

      Vigilo's plugin for GLPI

      A plugin that makes it possible to configure Vigilo using GLPI's web interface.

    • Models

      Database models for Vigilo

      Provides an object-oriented frontend to Vigilo's database, based on the SQLAlchemy project.

    • Nagios Plugins

      Nagios plugins

      Additional Nagios plugins from the Vigilo team.

    • Perfdata2Vigilo

      Nagios-style performance data handler for Vigilo

      Provides a way to forward performance data from a monitoring engine like Nagios or Shinken to Vigilo.

    • Setup

      Vigilo's setup module

      Provides the vigilo-setup command which can be used to quickly install Vigilo.

    • Themes (default)
      • Default theme for Vigilo's web interfaces
    • TurboGears

      Vigilo-TurboGears bridge

      Provides shared methods, plugins and controllers for Vigilo's web interfaces, based on the TurboGears framework.

    • VigiBoard

      Vigilo's dashboard

      This web interface provides a list of all alarms, with filtering and sorting abilities.
      It supports a simple workflow to acknowledge alarms and to associate them with trouble tickets.

    • VigiConf

      Vigilo's configuration module

      This module handles the configuration for both the monitoring platform and monitored devices.
      It provides several monitoring templates out of the box, making it easy to monitor new devices and to create your own templates....

    • VigiConf Local

      Local agent for VigiConf

      This modules is installed on each server of the monitoring platform.
      VigiConf uses this module to interact with the server (to deploy configuration files, restart services, etc.)

    • VigiGraph

      Vigilo's graphing web interface

      This module gives an easy way to display various graphics pertaining to the same or different devices.
      It can be used to analyse trends, predict failures, detect discrete anomalies, ...

    • VigiRRD

      Vigilo's RRD frontend

      This web interface creates graphics from RRD data on demand.
      It is used internally by VigiGraph.

    • VigiRules

      Vigilo's correlator

      Written in Python, it provides rules to convert events into alarms.
      It can be customised to include rules developed in-house.

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