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lml rely on un-portable strptime behavior.

Added by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE over 18 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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It is not specified whether strptime will modify the member of a localtime struct when theses member are not matched by the format string. This, for example result in a bug on Solaris 7.


#1 Updated by Sebastien Tricaud about 18 years ago

According to

"Well, building with just USE_XOPEN, and without _XOPEN_SOURCE or
, seemed to work on Solaris 8, DU 4.0, and HP-UX 11.00 -
no problem with "strptime()"."

#2 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 18 years ago

The problem is not with the strptime() declaration, but rather that the function will reset the tm structure to 0 before filling it, which break the reported time. This behavior is implementation dependant.

#3 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE almost 18 years ago

Still waiting more comment from an user with a machine to experiment this on. Setting tm_isdst to -1 seem to partially fix the problem, through this is definitly not a clean solution.

#4 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE almost 18 years ago

Had a Solaris OS to experience this on. Fixed in changeset r6308.

#5 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE almost 18 years ago

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#6 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE almost 14 years ago

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