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sensor.c API rework

Added by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 19 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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Need to clean up the mess in sensor.c, use a per sensor object instead of using global everywhere. Cleanup and review the interface.

#11 and #12 depend on this ticket.


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#2 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE almost 19 years ago

This is what we came up to after some discussion, comment are greatly appreciated, flames will goes to /dev/null.

1. Configuration files changes
/etc/prelude-sensors/ -> /etc/prelude/
/etc/sensor-name/ -> /etc/prelude/sensor-name/
/var/spool/prelude-sensors/ -> /var/spool/prelude/

/etc/prelude-sensors/sensors-default.conf -> splitted in two part:
  /etc/prelude/defaults/global.conf included by everyone (agents, sensors, managers).
  /etc/prelude/defaults/manager-client.conf included by agents and sensors.

  • Some definitions:
    • sensors: monitoring application sending events to a manager.
    • managers: application receiving sensors events, and possibly relaying theses events to others manager.
    • agents: application connected to a manager, issuing specific task depending on the manager input (correlation agents, counter measure agent).
2. API renaming
- Need to encapsulate sensor.c API in an object.
  - This object is used by agents/managers/sensors, and the behavior vary depending on the type
    - prelude_client_t seem to encapsulate all of the above.
      - conflict with existing prelude_client_t connection API, which should be renamed

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Fixed in changeset r3717

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